Saturday, November 9, 2013

stuffed animals allergies and children

The stuffed animals are adorable and love both parents and children . When a baby is born , it takes days to have a full house. However, behave a problem if your child is allergic as well as being beautiful , are magnets for pollen, dust and dust mites.

All children love stuffed animals . From earliest childhood, living at home stuffed animals almost as the mascot of the child. Many even create close ties with their bears , to the point of separating .

The plot thickens if the child has allergies , because the plush catch everything and are hard to wash . Try removing the child teddy can be an ordeal for parents. In this situation, at home must take certain steps .

Wash stuffed animals children

As exlicamos in another post, keep clean children 's toys is important. In the case of stuffed animals, if your child is allergic , things should be more strict . Many parents wonder how to wash correctly a stuffed animal, and if that also removes dust mites.

Actually many dolls for young can be washed directly in the washing machine . Many parents do as Teddy , in general, there is again the same after washing. One trick is to put it in a cloth bag to protect it. If we do not , we can use a pillow case we have at home.

Another trick to kill mites stuffed animals for children is put them in a bag, and close them in the freezer 5 hours. Mite will not resist, and our children can play quietly .

Other measures to protect the child

Parents should monitor the child's stuffed animals . It is known that children play on the floor, down the street ... their toys too. If you have allergies , you may want to remove the stuffed animals avoid the street , it will catch more dust and pollen.

It is also recommended that children have many stuffed animals in her room. Parents can agree with him that has only one or two of his favorites . It is better that we keep in another room of the home ( for example in the child's playroom , or closet of toys) .

For parents to be calm at all , we can choose toys for children allergy . On this site , we found several , also stuffed .